The left and Limbaugh, the ongoing battle between conservatives and liberals

Sarah Beth Costello
March 17, 2009


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It is ironic that President Barack Obama is willing to meet and negotiate with known terrorists who desire to blow America off the face of the earth, but refuses to join Rush Limbaugh’s conservative talk show for a political debate.

Limbaugh is America’s leading talk show host, who uses his constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech as a means of taking a public stand on current issues.

Though Limbaugh has every right to publicly voice his opinions, he is now marked as America’s public enemy No. 1 by many Democrats.

As a public figure and president of the United States, Obama should be accustomed to criticism from the media. But Limbaugh has put Obama on the defense to the extent that Obama told Republicans to stop listening to the commentator.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,”
Obama said.

Freedom of expression distinguished America from every other society and nation. We are great because we possess the ability to achieve greatness without parameters enforced by the government.

Limbaugh has every right to speak out against the Obama administration and to support conservative politicians who refuse to conform to present ideologies.

The fact that Limbaugh is perceived as a threat exposes the weakness and doubts that already exist in the Democratic Party. Limbaugh is not just spouting words in an effort to create havoc.

Much of what he says is supported by history, factual evidence and contextual examples to prove Obama’s plans will not work. He has a widely-heard voice throughout America and his words are ringing with truth across the nation. He’s not a threat to Obama’s life or his presidency. But Limbaugh is a presumed threat to liberalism and therefore a public enemy.

It is no secret Limbaugh hopes Obama’s policies will fail. Though the left has made this statement into a huge issue, Limbaugh believes the failure of Obama’s policies will mean a failed attempt at socialism.

If Obama’s actions become unconstitutional, if more government actually hurts America, if this increased spending causes another depression, if shutting down Guantanamo Bay decreases safety and security, if pulling out of Iraq results in chaos and more death, if supporting Palestine and meeting with an Iranian dictator results in the end of Israel, then we have every right to refuse support of our president and hope for failure.

“Barack Obama, the Democratic Party has one responsibility, and that’s to respect the oath they gave to protect, defend


and follow the U.S. Constitution,” Limbaugh said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Obama has no intention of abiding by the centuries-old constitution drafted by our forefathers. Obama is already transforming America into a government-dependent nation.

As Limbaugh said, it is not Obama’s responsibility to spend excessively, cut off ties with our allies, make friends with our enemies and hurt businesses by weakening capitalism.

Limbaugh is perceived as a spouting maniac, whose words stir discontent and anger among those in opposition. But Limbaugh’s only offense is public speaking.

Our president is remaking America in his own image. He’s responsible for the decisions that will affect all Americans. He’s the one that should be questioned unceasingly, not Limbaugh.

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  1. andersj said:

    It would be interesting for you to do research as to whether other recent presidents have been in a position in which they were publicly invited to debate or participate in a public discussion with a radio or TV personality who has mostly opposing views. That kind of extra look provides a historical perspective for the issue you are discussing here.

    Grammar tip: In the first sentence the word is “who” and not “that” when referring to the terrorists – terrorists who…

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