Dare to be intolerant: Barack Obama and the radical Islamists

Image courtesy of: http://www.worldmag.com/articles/15457

Image courtesy of World Magazine

By Sarah Beth Costello
June 11, 2009

America, once known as “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” has gained a reputation as a nation that accepts anyone and everyone regardless of the potential threats and danger posed to American lives.

In an age of tolerance and political correctness, Americans have lost their ability to discern. This lack of discernment is increasingly becoming obvious in the actions of our president, Barack Obama, who insists on promoting tolerance and acceptance in the face of evil.

Political correctness is going to kill us,” said Glenn Beck, a conservative radio and television host for Fox News. We have ventured from one extreme to the next as a nation that struggled for decades with racial inequality to one that is so blind to the underlying dangers of our acceptance of radicals.

Obama has made several attempts to “fix” the problems between Israel and Palestine and make peace with the Muslim world. Rather than strengthening our military and securing our borders, Obama is using words to eliminate the hatred that thousands (if not millions) of Islamists harbor for Americans and Jews.

When Obama addressed Muslims in Cairo, Egypt, last week, his message

Obama speaking in Cairo, Egypt. Image courtesy of: http://tinyurl.com/nnskkg

Obama stressed eradicating racial barriers and embracing peace during his speech to Muslims in Cairo, Egypt. Image courtesy of: http://tinyurl.com/nnskkg

was not aimed at peaceful, law-abiding Muslims. His message targeted the Islamists, the radicals, the ones who hate America and desire to see her in ruins. And though he did acknowledge that one message would not bring about change in our “relationship,” he did say that the pathway towards peace was being open with the emotions in our hearts.

So long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace,” said Obama.

Obama, for all of his presumably good intentions, cannot empower anybody to throw off hatred and malicious intent by simply giving a motivational speech. The Left has a tendency to blame America for the problems of others. But the fact is, there are many who hate America and have been indoctrinated and brainwashed to self-martyr and murder for the cause of Jihad. They are responsible for their own actions and America should not be in any way obliged to utter an apology for the crimes and atrocities committed.

Tolerance won’t change this. Tea parties with dictators will not sway the heinous plans of our enemies. Words cannot convince enraged and hate-filled Islamists that we can coexist and be friends.

Obama, though dubbed the “anointed one,” cannot alter centuries-old hatred by apologizing for America’s power or preaching of empowerment. Weakening our military, disarming our weapons, closing down a prison for terrorists has not made us heroes in the eyes of the enemy – we have become a laughing stock. America is a perfect target.

“…America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition,” said Obama to his audience in Cairo. “Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

What do we have in common with our enemies other than the fact that we all have enemies? It is a black mark on America to equate ourselves with evildoers. I am being intolerant of our enemies; shame on me. Many may say this is “much to-do about nothing.”

But when injustice occurs, when innocents suffer, when nations are threatened, when tragedies and catastrophes are imminent, the appropriate action is not a light-hearted speech falling on deaf ears. What do our enemies care about living in peace?

It is the responsibility of our president to protect and defend the American people, even if that means discarding tolerance and replacing it with discernment. The world will never be rid of people who desire to destroy. Obama can’t fix it, nobody can. But he can do everything in his power to thwart their plans. Will he be that man?

Obama’s Speech in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009:

  1. JD said:

    Hello from upstairs! Well-written arguments, but I offer an alternate view.

    Violence in the Middle East stems from the desire for justice. Extremists justify their acts with words like “justice”, “revenge” and “retaliation.” Obama recognizes that Bush’s justice-based approach to preventing extremism only fueled further violence by an already hyper-justice-conscious region. Obama’s speech in Cairo is the first of many steps to break this vicious cycle.

    The extremist’s quickly-released and defensively-worded responses indicate their fear of hearts and minds actually being swayed. If Obama’s speech wasn’t threatening their goals, they would have laughed at the “laughing stock” and went about their daily bombings without comment.

    The trend of violence is bad and getting worse.


    The tactics used after 9/11 obviously haven’t stopped that trend. The end goal should be protecting our nation – not justice and accountability.

    • sarahcostello said:

      Hello! Thanks for sharing your view, though I don’t agree I do respect your opinion.

      While violence in the Mid-East does “stem from a desire for justice,” there are many underlying factors that are so often overlooked. I’m speaking specifically of the Islamists, the radicals, the ones who hate all Americans and Jews and want us destroyed. These are people who cry “Death to Americans.” These people believe that the return of Mohammad will be hastened with the deaths of Americans and Jews. This kind of hatred prompts suicides, bombings and self mutilation. These people do not fear death and will die for their causes. I have to be completely honest and confess that I think Obama is extremely naive. He is making a mockery of a nation that was once feared by our enemies and revered by our allies. There’s nothing wrong with being strong, possessing a strong military, being tough on our enemies and having detention facilities for terrorists who do not abide by the laws set forth and are dangers to society. The purpose of the president is not to be liked by all, which Obama continually tries to do. His no. 1 objective should be keeping Americans safe. And right now I think we are at the mercy of our enemies. How easy it is to take advantage of a man who thinks he has made progress, when in reality he has only made it easier for our enemies to attack.

      Now, I’m not saying we should just attack these nations and organizations that will destroy us at the the opportune moment. But I do think we should be smart. We should have the ability to defend against and thwart attacks. I don’t think Obama is prepared for that and it’s our lives that are at stake here.

      So I hope my article did not come across that I’m promoting revenge, because I’m definitely not. I don’t hate Islamists. I don’t want our troops to go out and massacre them. But I just think that it’s stupid to try and talk these people out of their violent lifestyles. We are susceptible. But I guess only time will tell how badly his actions have weakened America.

      • JD said:

        I agree that hate-filled extremists aren’t going to change their beliefs because of a pretty speech. However, I don’t see strong US military action (aka being a feared nation) having any effect on them either. I guess it’s the same argument of whether or not the death penalty deters murderers.

        Obama is on the right track in recognizing that an external entity is not going to be able to solve the problem of extremism. Historically, military action only fosters resentment amongst the population in these regions – even among the moderates. His speech was really targeting the moderates.

        As US intervention decreases, we see more of the local populations turning against the extremists. This will lead to extremists focusing their efforts against their own nation, which keeps The United States safer, and also leads to more sustainable elimination of extremism as the problem would be solved from within.

      • sarahcostello said:

        You’re right – a feared nation won’t have an affect on extremists whose life goal is to destroy America and Israel. Speeches, actions and incentives cannot upset such radical and deeply rooted ideologies. There’s a difference between naïve optimism and discernment. Obama errs on the side of naïve optimism, and seems to think that these terrorists have a heart somewhere that will soften if we just use the right tactic.

        But an ideology that has been beaten into their skulls since infancy will not simply vanish. It will continue to breed and fester. Who really knows what they’re planning? So many people were sure that Ahmadinejad would be dethroned and that would be the end of things. But this is really only the beginning. Hatred for America not only exists among random terrorism cells, but in governments and powerful nations. I think people tend to think that our enemies can’t do much damage – we’re bigger powerful and have the ability to overpower them.

        But isn’t one act of terrorism too much? If some building in the U.S. is bombed tomorrow, what would Obama do? Would he finally come to his senses and realize one death is too many, or would he blame Bush and Republicans and America’s greatness in general for the horrific actions of others? Sooner or later he has got to stop blaming previous administrations and the actions of others and realize that this is the world he lives in. We didn’t ask him to run for office, but as an American, I want him to ensure my protection, not egg on our enemies.

        Ok, so intervention may not be the correct approach right now. Maybe a lot of Islamists are focusing on their nations at the moment. But I don’t think there will be a decrease in Islamism. I think it’s only going to get worse, though we may not fully experience the effects for a while. These people are burning with hatred. If we do anything as a nation, we need to at least protect ourselves and create strict sanctions and codes of conduct for enemy nations. They should not have the opportunity to wreak havoc.

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