President Barack Obama: the proficient excuser

By Sarah Beth Costello

President Barack Obama is a manipulator, skilled in the art of beguiling vast audiences with his debonair and charm,


President Barack Obama greets crowds in Berlin on July 24 during a speech on German partneship and America's need to strengthen relations. Image courtesy of Getty Images.

while discounting opposition by producing excuses.

When concerned citizens question his motives and the remaining trustworthy media outlets debunk his initiatives, the Obama administration rarely offers counter-arguments. Instead, they blame antagonists for hindering growth or obstructing plans for a better America. Their surest and most popular ploy: accusing opposition of racism or extremism.

Racial issues have received excessive media attention in the past eight months. With senate apologies for decades of slavery, a Supreme Court justice with a history of exhibiting racial preferences, an Ivy-league professor accusing police of discrimination and a president who continues to pull out the race card, it is no wonder racism in not altogether eradicated. Society cannot let it go.

Obama’s presidency has fueled a fire that refuses to die. While pockets of radicals exist, extremism is not an epidemic. We have made great leaps in overcoming prejudices and should acknowledge success rather than continually discuss the few factious franchises.

The Obama administration recently claimed that “right-winged extremists” were organizing in angry mobs in attempts to ensure Obama’s failure. These are the same protesters Nancy Pelosi claimed were carrying swastikas to town hall meetings and Sen. Harry Reid accused of “sabotaging” health care reform.

Obama, the poster boy for the mantra of “yes we can” made history as the first African American president, but eight full months into his presidency, this is his only noteworthy accomplishment.

Since his inauguration, unemployment has risen to a devastating 16 percent, according to Atlanta Federal Reserve Chief Dennis Lockhart, who included those who are no longer looking for work, a figure removed from Obama’s figures. His administration also predicts budget deficits will rise to $9 trillion during the next decade.

The past month was the deadliest for U.S. troops in the eight-year War on Terror. The president passed a nearly $800 billion stimulus package that is reaping few benefits and attempting to push a life-changing, widely unread, healthcare bill through the Senate.

There is a clear double standard of tolerance. Though many demanded his impeachment and assassination, Bush did not waste effort regaining popularity. Unlike Obama, Bush realized a good leader would never please everyone.

The media rarely question the actions of the president, refraining from probing and second-guessing the largest power entity in the U.S.


Image courtesy of Soda Head.

Media bias was evident during the election, when the majority of mainstream media did not investigate Obama’s questionable relationships with the radical Rev. Jeremiah Wright and William Ayer. Other examples include support from major networks (CNN and ABC News) of Obama’s nomination for Justice Sonia Sotomayor, his quick push towards health care reform and his massive spending sprees.

Obama’s race is a minute detail that does not deserve the attention it has received. The problems afflicting America are much bigger than the president admits, but he must eventually come to terms with the fact that the majority of Americans could care less about his race.

Obama’s obvious attempts to quell an existing crowd of discontent with accusatory and threatening condemnation have not gained him any brownie points. Americans are watching, and many are not thrilled with his disregard for legitimate concerns. Stooping for good excuses is not getting Obama anywhere. If he wants to regain public satisfaction he must provide sound defenses and terminate a vocabulary riddled with excuses.


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